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Kindergarten at the Museum

Updated: May 12, 2022

On Tuesday May 10, 2022 thirty-one kindergartners from Superior Elementary School came to visit the Nuckolls County Historical Society's Museum along with their teachers, Ms. Baird and Ms. Asche and a variety of parents and aides. They were greeted by Museum Curator Ms. Nancy Meyer and Board Members Lorri Meyer, Rob Williams and photographer Vicki Calahan Williams. The curator gave a brief introduction as to what a Museum is and the purpose a museum serves by preserving history and historical items for future generations.

Board member Lorri Meyer explaining to Kindergartners how in the old days pioneers had to oftentimes make their own clothing and food and soap. She is holding a butter press.

After the introductions the students were divided into two groups and led on tours of the Museum and the other buildings on the museum grounds. One of the first spots to visit was the historic log cabin that served as Superior's first post office.

Another building the young historians found interesting was the collection of model airplanes found in Marquart Hall

It was also touching that when these young ladies found this statue of a serviceman saluting they joined in on the salute.

The students also were shown around Ag Hall to look at some of the equipment routinely used by early pioneers of Nuckolls County. Curator Nancy Meyer had a lot of explaining to do to the young inquisitive minds.

Board member Lorri Meyer "whoops" accidentally pointed out an old-fashioned corn sheller to her group which led to everyone wanting to have a try at shelling corn off the husk.

A trip into Dahlgren Hall showed our visitors some of the mechanical equipment from the past as well as several fire trucks.

What seems to be a highlight of any trip to the Museum for young folks (and some of the "older" folks is a trip to the Old Nuckolls County Jail, everyone seems to want to get thrown into jail but no one wants to stay there very long. Well, except for the Kindergartner who noticed the jail cell had a very inviting looking cot and it was close to nap time.

After an hour and a half of touring our little crowd was wearing out so after a short rest they went right next door to the city park and had sandwiches and lunch sent from the school.

It was certainly an interesting but rewarding morning for us members of the Nuckolls County Historical Society to have an opportunity to share our passion for the history of Nuckolls County with so many young enthusiastic children. The Museum always welcomes schools and other organizations to take tours of what we have to offer at the Museum but it would be highly suggested to call ahead to let us know if and when you would like a visit. Phone numbers can be found on the information page of the Museum Website.

And hats off to the Kindergartners. They were all well-behaved, listened to the tour guides and most importantly, asked lots and lots and lots of questions. They also offered their insight and interpretation of what the importance or purpose was of the historical items they were seeing. Given to us from from their point of view as six year olds. It was indeed a very good experience.

I would also like to thank my wife, Vicki Calahan Williams for taking all these fine pictures and many others I could not fit into this article.

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