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Ruskin Jr Hi Basketball Tournament- 50 Years ago

50 years ago on January 31, February 1 and Feb 3, 1972 the Ruskin, Nebraska Lion's Club hosted their 6th Annual Jr Hi Basketball tournament. I wasn't involved but my two brothers-in-law were on one of the teams that competed and as a result my late mother-in-law, Rosa Deterding Calahan attended, got a program for the event, then carefully saved it so I could share it on the Nuckolls County Historical Society Website. The program not only listed the rosters of the 6 Junior High teams that participated but also names the coaches and cheerleaders for each school. The schools in the tournament in 1972 were the Shickley Longhorns, the Nelson Tigers, the Ruskin Indians, the Hardy Dragons, the Davenport Tigers and the Carleton Warriors. Below are the scanned pages of the program. I've been thinking of having a prize for the first person who was listed in the program who contacts me, but I'm still thinking of an appropriate prize. My contact info: Rob Williams or 402-768-8023.

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Cece Meyer
Cece Meyer

Thank you for sharing the Ruskin Basketball Tournament Rosters Rob - I recognize a few names. Kelly Ficken & Roger Biltoft were friends of my brother in college!! I taught in Shickley and defintely recognize some of the names of families from the community. Great memories.


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