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Steve and Rob- Going to Grade School (Again)

Wednesday, January 19th of 2022 Steve Renz and Rob Williams, representatives of the Nuckolls County Historical Society and Museum were invited to participate in a "Discovery Day" at the Superior Elementary School Gym. There were representatives from some other businesses and organizations who met with the young school children of the Superior area. Steve asked each group if they knew there was a museum and how many of them had actually been in the museum. Quite a few responded that they knew about the museum and had been in the museum. Steve had brought along a few items from the museum that he thought might be interesting to the youngsters including a part of a Wooley Mammoth tooth, a very old bison tooth, arrowheads and a brass belt buckle from the Civil War era. And lots of brochures to give to the kids. Most of the children knew what a Wooley Mammoth was (thanks to some Disney movie) but I don't think they had the idea of scale- these babies could be 10-16 feet tall. What floored me was the young lady who told me she knew all about Mammoths because she wanted to be a paleontologist when she grew up. Geesh, I'm not sure I even knew the word paleontologist at her age, mush less what one does. But it was an interesting afternoon and I hope we inspired some of those young people to come look up the world of historical material we have at the Museum.

Steve Renz (l) and Rob Williams at Superior Elementary School. Thank goodness they didn't make us take a spelling test or solve an algebra word problem to get out at the end of the day.

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