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Welcome to the Nuckolls County Historical Society and Museum Website/Blog

Updated: Dec 11, 2021

Hello and welcome to the Nuckolls County Historical Society and Museum's Website/Blog. My name is Robert L. Williams. I am on the Board of Directors of the Society and I have volunteered to try to take on the task of learning how to run/manage the website and blog for this group. I would like to ask for your patience because this is a task that to me is a little bit intimidating. I've used computers for a long time but I've never been involved with websites and blogs. So with the gracious help of Ms. Emma Walker I will try to put together some meaningful, informative and maybe entertaining posts.

If anybody has a question about the Nuckolls County Historical Society and Museum please leave it on this web page or you could e-mail me directly at If anyone would like to contribute ideas for subjects relating to Nuckolls County History that they would like to see explored or discussed please get those ideas to me either here or at the e-mail address listed just above. I have several ideas and themes that have been brewing in my head for years but a person can never be sure if they are ideas anyone else in the whole world might have any interest. I already missed a theme for November I've been working on- Nuckolls County Servicemen and Women in World War 1 as well as a December theme- Christmas Memories from Nuckolls County. I've also been toying with ideas about some history of the communities of Nuckolls County, the High Schools and maybe other schools that have been located in Nuckolls County, Churches and Cemeteries in Nuckolls County, Sports of all types and the people who participated, as well as Railroads, Railroad routes and Depots of Nuckolls County. Again I welcome any and all ideas for things to discuss on this blog or web page. Thanks in advance.


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